Art, Nature & Meditation

Hello, My name is Irene Naested. Welcome to my website. I will be posting and creating pages about my work and my passion of Art, Nature, and Meditation.

Irene Naested

Irene Naested- as a teacher, writer, and visual artist.

I approach my work, writing, music, and art making,as others might approach a more traditional method of meditation – The Zen (some might call it) of seeing, drawing, painting, writing, and music. I approach my teaching as a form of meditative art making, as a means toward a greater understanding of self and environment, and as a method of communication (to oneself and others).

I glean from nature the elements and principles of composition and as a pathway in toward becoming grounded.

Create Every Day - Create the Day

Create Every Day – Create the Day




Create The Day – Create Every Day Art, Nature and Meditation

When I was a child I played as a child when I became a student I was encouraged to put away my childish ways and decipher meaning from the world through word and number when I became a teacher, I rediscovered the values of play and other ways to experience and learn.

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