Passport to the Arts in the Garden, Show and Sale

Passport to the Arts, Show and Sale, Sept. 09, 2018

Passport to the Arts, Show and Sale, Sept. 09, 2018

Passport to the Arts in the Garden, Show and Sale September 9, 2018 — Thirty local artists, authors and musicians will be exhibiting and selling their work from 10:00 to 4:00 – in the garden, on the large deck, and in the Naested Studio and garage, at 1124-15 Street N.W. Calgary. Please join us. Free admission, Refreshments. :-)) for more information please check out –


Art in the Garden – “The Fragments” music group

The Fragments @Art in the Garden “The Fragments” will start to perform at 12:00, at The Art in the Garden Show – 1124- 15th Street. N.W. Sunday, September 10, 2017. ( with Innes Cheng, Chris Gaston, David Martin, and Natasha Sayer, Their new album, Erratics, is now available for purchase. The Fragments perform an eclectic range of indie pop, including diversions into jazz and folk music, with lyrical tangles that will keep you scratching your head while you tap your feet.

Art in the Garden – “My Son Ted” Calgary musical group

“My Son Ted” will start to perform at 2:00  at the Art in the Garden Show. 1124 – 15th Street N.W. Calgary. (URL is with Brian Volke, Colin Peters, Christie Simmons, R.J. McConnell. The Ted’s brand of eclectic fusion, British folk with NA roots, Calypso and Ceilidh charms audiences. With a combination of original songs, traditional material and esoteric interpretations of some oft-hear pieces, My Son Ted loves to energize and uplift.

Art in the Garden – Stephanie Hrehirchuk, Author

Stephanie Hrehirchuk, Children’s Book Author, lives in Calgary where she reads with her daughter, learns how to use technology from her son, plays gin rummy with her husband, and writes about the world outside her door and inside her imagination. Anna and the Earth Angel is Stephanie’s first children’s book. She has since published two others. Every print copy sold plants a tree. Follow the  growth of Anna’s forest at .  Stephanie will be exhibiting and selling her children’s books at Art in the Garden, Sunday, September 10, 2017 from 10:00 – 4:00.

Art in the Garden – Hand-made Cards by Sharon London

Sharon London, card maker, has always loved Japanese paper and spotting an origami kimono in a paper art shop started her hobby as a paper artist. Moving from Japanese inspired cards to mixed media has been a fun journey. Inspiration and knowledge come from working with and learning from other artists.

Art in the Garden – Munira Jiwa – Qigong Master

Spring Forest Qigong is an amazingly simple and profoundly powerful energy practice focused on health, healing and longevity.  It’s a moving meditation practice consisting of the elements of breath, visualization, simple postures/movements and sound to help you open your energy channels, transform any blockages and balance your energy.  With balanced energy you experience your optimal health, peace of mind, and happiness. Core Energy Wellness is a Calgary based company dedicated to spreading the Qi~Joy with Qigong Master Munira Jiwa and her talented group leaders and fellow instructors.  For more information on local classes please visit

Art in the Garden – Bev Kelly – Artist

Beverly Kelly, a painter who paints with vivid colors and textures gleaned from nature. She is often drawn to water, light, and shadow, movement and abstraction. She sets out to capture their essence in her paintings.

Art in the Garden – Irene Naested – Calgary Artist

Irene Naested is a visual artist, published author and director of Art, Nature & Meditation. Irene will be selling two of her art teaching books as well as some of her paintings in her newly completed art studio above a double car garage, overlooking downtown Calgary. Irene gleans from nature the elements and principles of composition as a pathway in becoming grounded. She approaches her teaching as a form of meditative art making, as a means toward an understanding, and a method of communication to oneself and others. Currently, Irene has published some of her poetry and is working on combining words with images into her paintings.

Art in the Garden – Alishia Alibhai – Essential Oil Educator

Alishia Alibhai is a Essential Oil Educator, Soul Coaching Trainer, Soul Coach, Past Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Social Psychologist. She will be discussing, demonstrating, exhibiting and selling essential oils and crystals.

Joanne Morcom Poet @ Art in the Garden Show & Sale

Art in thee Garden – Joanne Morcom – Calgary Poet

Joanne Morcom is a Calgary poet who has published four poetry collections. She also contributes to poetry journals and anthologies. Like Ocean Waves: Tanka Poems is her most recent poetry collection.

Art in the Garden – Tammy Watt – Calgary Artist

Tammy Watt, a painter, works predominately with acrylic paint and takes pleasure in the challenges of design fundamentals and colour relationships. Her work is displayed in private and public spaces in Canada and the United States.