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Exploring the Math and Art Connection: Teaching and Learning Between the Lines. Jarvis & Naested (2012). Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Brush Education. www.brusheducation.ca

The connection between math and art is as ancient as the disciplines themselves. Mathematicians, artists, and philosophers studied natural proportion and geometry such as the golden ratio, spirals, spheres, and circles. However, the majority of students today are unfamiliar with the intimate link between the two subjects of art and math, which nave often been segregated and taught separately in most schools.

Naested & Jarvis highlight the natural association between art and math in practical ideas for the classroom, for the artist and the mathematician. When students understand the art/math connection, their understanding and confidence increase in both subjects. Through innovative teaching strategies and more tun 100 rich learning experiences, teachers are given a wealth of engaging tools to explore the art/math connection with themselves and their students. This connection is established through examinations of natural and human-designed objects, from how pine cone scales spiral out in a Fibonacci sequence to how geometric shapes combine in architecture to form some of the most beautiful structures on the planet.

Exploring the Math & Art Connection

Exploring the Math & Art Connection

If you wish to purchase this book please contact Brush Education or Amazon. Available in print or e-book.

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